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First of all, what is a Will?

A Will is a legal document distributing your assets (such as your car or your property or money in your bank account) to your named beneficiaries after your death.

Without a Will, your assets are distributed according to the laws of intestacy.

If you wish to direct how your assets should be distributed, you should have your will drafted. Additionally, a will is able to dictate who will be your child’s legal guardian in the event of the death of both parents.

Steps to get your Will drafted

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Benefits of drafting your Will

Distributing Your assets as you wish

If you die without a will, the laws of intestacy determines who will benefit from your estate

Providing for Minor Children

In the event of death of both parents, a will provides for the care of minor children

Possibly Quicker to Sue

If you die due to negligence, for example, by virtue of a motor vehicle accident, then your executor in the will may be able to claim benefits quicker than if you died without a will

if you are interested in drafting your will:

Retainers / Costs

The Retainer to draft your Will starts at
$15,000 JMD or $100 USD

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