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As an Attorney-at-Law in Jamaica, I have seen the need for persons to even have a basic understand of legal matters before it is too late. Too often I hear persons say, “If I only knew”. Therefore, my hope is for you to gain a greater understanding of the law in Jamaica so that you can make more informative decisions everyday.

The areas of the law that will be discussed include:


Refers to the act of transferring property from one party to another.

Criminal Law

Refers to a system of laws and rules that define criminal acts.

Civil Law

Deals with actions that are threatening or harmful to the property and safety of individuals or the state.

Company Law

These are a set of laws that control how businesses are formed and managed.

Landlord and Tenant Law

Refers to rights and obligations each landlord and each tenant has with regard to the rental property.

Real Estate Law

Involves land or construction ownership, development, litigation, tenant rights, or landlord disputes.

And many more…..

Meet Kimberley Downer

Kimberley Downer is an Attorney-at-Law and partner at the firm Grayson & Company, Attorney-at-Law located at Dairy, Discovery Bay, St. Ann. With her down-to-earth personality, she is passionate about helping Jamaicans to have a greater understanding of the laws that affect them, so that they can make more informed decisions.

Kimberley has participated in several speaking engagements including a discussion topic, the ‘Legal Implications of Purchasing a Property and Estate Management’ with customers and employees at the Ocho Rios Branch of Scotiabank Jamaica. Feel free to contact her by sending an email at legalchatja@gmail.com or call her at (876) 554-6009.

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